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John Robinson - ISSF International Shooting Coach

John's shooting career started off on the farm in Kent at the age of 7, with a rather dodgy single barrelled .410 and a very unfortunate pigeon. In those early years, every daylight hour was used up on rabbits and pigeons, progressing rapidly onto pheasants, partridge and duck.

This developed into the love for game and rough shooting and for many years John was part of a team running a game shoot at Great Ouseburn in North Yorkshire.

Clay shooting started at the age of 26 and by 29, John had won his first cap for England. Over the next 20 years John represented England and Great Britain every year until retiring in 2008. For John, the combination and variety of Clay and Game shooting has continued, the two having complimented each other so well.

John retired from all competition shooting after his final shots as captain of the victorious England Team whilst also winning the Captain's Cup at the 2008 Home International in Scotland.

Since then John has coached many of individuals to International Honours in most of the different disciplines.

In 2013 John won the CPSA National Shooting Award of ‘Coach of the Year’, and shortly after was appointed Head Coach – England Commonwealth Games Shooting Team for Glasgow in 2014.

In 2015, John won the CPSA ‘Special Contribution Award’ for his work in 2014 for his work towards The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, where the Team won a record 7 medals.

He then went on to be Head Coach at the Commonwealth Championships in 2017 and The Commonwealth Games 2018, both held in Australia’s Gold Coast.

So, why the decision to retire?

"Simple really, I had 20 consecutive years of International Competition and have been incredibly lucky with all I have won and the people I have met, along with the places I have visited. It is very difficult to mix coaching and competing and the time was right. So now the buzz for me as a coach is to see other people excel."

John has played at International levels in both rugby and as a current Senior Member of The Great Britain Triathlon and Duathlon Teams. John learnt much from successfully coaching the sport of rugby and the importance of technique and the mental aspects in sport from triathlon. It was no surprise when those lessons were transferred to a coaching career in shooting.

In addition John is also on full time call as a Party Leader with The Mountain Rescue Team, where in excess of 80 callouts a year keep both him and the Team busy!!

PodiumWhy the name 'Alquimista'?

An 'Alchemist' strives to turn poor metals into gold; a competitor strives to turn their talent into Gold, Silver or Bronze

The Company name 'Alquimista' was chosen after reading the book 'The Alchemist' by the Brazilian author Paul Coelho, a book describing the exploits of a shepherd boy who was travelling the desert looking for his dreams, only to find that the most valuable things are actually on your doorstep. The Alchemist showed the Shepherd boy direction and was the boys mentor throughout. Paulo Coelho's first language is Portuguese, hence the translation from 'Alchemist' to 'Alquimista'

Coaching in any sport is about making someone better than they were before, continuously improving them and helping them to reach their full potential. Thus a Coach is the sporting mans 'Alchemist'.

'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be'.

Welcome to 'Alquimista Shooting School' where 'making a difference' is everything.