Game Shooting
Accompanied days for those shooting live game, who wish to use a loader and/or have coaching on Game shoot days, can use the expertise John provides which comes with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Game ShootingRemember that time put in on the clay shooting range will pay dividends before the game season starts. None of us would seriously walk onto a rugby pitch or turn up to do a triathlon without training (although I have known a few that have tried it!!!!), shooting is no different.

It can be a daunting experience for those less experienced or new to live game days, and remember we all had to start somewhere.

This can include everything from double gunning and driven days to duck flighting and the grouse butts. The aim is to ensure confidence and enjoyment for the shooter.

Shooting in the UK

Despite their small size the British Isles offer an extraordinary variety of opportunity for shooting live game. Good shooting is accessible for all and the great camaraderie between guns means you will always be welcome.

The British have a great love of sportsmanship and if you are unsure about any aspect of shooting just ask for advice and it will always be given. Shooting is generally owned and controlled by individuals, rather than clubs or local associations, except for wildfowling, where foreshore shooting can usually only be obtained through wildfowling organisations. Overall the representative body for country shooting in the UK is the British Association for Shooting and Conservation which is supported by 120,000 people There are political threats to our sport and BASC fights these resolutely
Shooting falls into several categories and you will decide which interests you most.
There is rough shooting, driven formal shooting and wildfowling. Even amongst these, there are differing types, quarry and variety.

Obviously rough shooting is far more active than driven shooting and is particularly appreciated by those who enjoy working dogs. Wildfowling will take you to the remotest places in the roughest weather - this is the sport for the would-be Ernest Hemingways - but if you have a great affinity with wild places it can have an almost magical appeal.

Alquimista Shooting School offers accompanied days on all the differing types of shooting, and clearly training on the clay ranges before hand allows you to have the confidence and competence to really enjoy the days shooting.

What to Wear

British weather is notoriously unpredictable and can change very quickly in a day, so be prepared. The usual drab colours are worn and although camouflage might be perfectly acceptable for wildfowling it may be wrong to wear it for driven or rough shooting.

Always ask about the etiquette where you are shooting first to ensure you are not only comfortable in your clothing but confident that you are correct in what you are wearing. Certainly on a formal shoot you should wear a collar and tie but the important thing is that you are comfortable, warm and dry. If you need any guidelines, just look through any British shooting magazine and you will soon see the kind of clothes that are appropriate.

Game & Wildfowl - Open Seasons (dates inclusive)

Species England, Scotland and Wales

Pheasant Oct 1 - Feb 1
Partridge Sept 1 - Feb 1
Grouse Aug 12 - Dec 10
Ptarmigan (only found in Scotland) Aug 12 - Dec 10
Blackgame (not currently found in NI) Aug 20 - Dec 10
Common Snipe Aug 12 - Jan 31
Jack Snipe Protected at all times
Woodcock Oct 1- Jan 31
Woodcock - Scotland Sept 1 - Jan 31
Duck & Goose - inland Sept 1 - Jan 31
Duck & Goose - below HWM of ordinary spring tides Sept 1 - Feb 20
Coot/Moorhen Sept 1 - Jan 31
Golden Plover Sept 1 - Jan 31
Curlew Protected at all times
Hare* (cannot be sold Mar 1st to July 31st) Moorland & unenclosed land subject to closed season

Ducks and Geese
Non-Lead Shot use for waterfowl-see specific technical information from BASC Research Team or Country Offices.
England, Wales & Scotland:
The duck and geese species that can be shot during their open season are:
Gadwall Goldeneye Pintail Pochard
Shoveler Wigeon Tufted Duck Mallard
Teal Canada Greylag Pink-footed
White-fronted geese can be shot in England and Wales only.