"The best way to learn in any sport is to just get out there and do it"

Girl holding gunIt is so important that juniors in any sport, get the best possible tuition to start with. This is the time at which they will decide on how much they like a sport and whether they continue. A bad experience and they will not be persuaded to carry on.

Shooting follows this very strongly. Incorrect gun fit, stance, posture and balance and it can be a painful experience that they will not wish to visit again.

Enjoyment is what sport is all about and strangely the more we enjoy it, the better we often are at it.

It is very important that juniors shoot a well fitted and suitable gun for their age, weight and size (both girls and boys). In addition, they must have a very good understanding of the safety aspects as well as how to handle and fire a shotgun.

Boy holding gameDuring the early stages (dependant on size and age) it must be ensured that juniors do not overshoot. A little and often is the best procedure to keep the interest there and not allow them to become too tired within each lesson. It is always better to be hungry for the next lesson rather too tired from the last.

It is recommended that the normal starting age is about 10, but this does depend on the size and strength of each individual. To start with initial lessons should be no longer than 30 minutes each, to ensure that the interest is kept and tiredness does not kick in. A 30 minute lesson will allow for the elements outlined in 'Novice and Inexperienced shots'.

The learning process has now begun and the introduction to a fantastic sport is on its way. Remember – this is a sport that is included in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games – This is where dreams begin!!!