"The best way to learn in any sport is to just get out there and do it"

Lady shootingLessons will start for 'novice' and 'inexperienced' shots with a safety talk, understanding of the shotgun and how it works. This will be followed by a gun fit and master eye check.

Safety equipment (ear defenders, hat and glasses) must be worn at all times, and can be provided with gun and cartridges if required. At this point it is out onto the range to have a go! You will then receive patient and expert tuition on the range to progress you forward.

The lesson is broken down into the following elements:
• Safety
• The components of a shotgun with 'gun fit'
• Master eye test
• Gun handling
• Balance, stance and posture
• Technique
• Shooting targets on range
• Video review of shooting actions
• Putting actions into practice on range

The elements of the lessons outlined in this section above, are designed to ensure that the correct coaching procedure is followed. This will allow you to have expert and patient tuition, ensuring enjoyment of the sport with consistently improving confidence and performance. The lessons allow a pupil's strengths and weaknesses to be clearly identified and ensure continued progress and improvement, thus leading to real enjoyment of a fantastic sport, whether clay or game.

Start with the correct tools and the right advice and you will continue to advance. Whether the learning process is just beginning for you or you are like the rest of us, simply wanting to improve, the introduction and continuation of a fantastic sport is on its way, be it Clay or Game. Remember – clay shooting is a sport included in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games – This is where dreams begin!!!