Olympic Trap
"The best way to learn in any sport is to just get out there and do it"

Olympic TrapAs its name indicates, this is one of the disciplines which forms part of the shooting programme at the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. A trench in front of the shooting stands conceals 15 traps arranged in 5 groups of 3. Shooters take turns to shoot at a target each, before moving in a clockwise direction to the next stand in the line.

Targets for each shooter are thrown immediately upon his call and are randomly selected from any one of the three traps directly in front of him/her. Olympic Trap targets are set to travel 75 +/- one metre at varying elevations and with a maximum horizontal angle of 45 degrees either side of the centre line. Scoring is done on the basis of 1 point per target killed, regardless of whether this is achieved with the first or second barrel.

Great Britain's Ian Peel won the Silver medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and Bob Braithwaite the Gold at the 1968 Olympics.