Universal Trench
"The best way to learn in any sport is to just get out there and do it"

Universal TrenchUniversal Trench uses five traps per layout set in a trench 8 metres long. The front of the trench is 15 metres from the front of the shooting positions. Looking from the shooting points the traps are numbered 1-5 from the left, with number 3 aligned with the centre (no 3) station.

The traps must be spaced 1-1.25 metres apart. Five shooting positions, 1 metre square, are arranged in a straight line, with 1.5 metre spaces between them. The targets are set to different angles and trajectories according to official 'schemes' laid down by the governing body. The maximum height (measured 10 metres from the trap) is 3.5 metres, minimum 1.5 metres. In still air the targets should fly a distance of 60-75 metres.

Traps 1 and 2 will always be set to throw targets angled to the right, while 4 and 5 throw to the left. The centre trap 3 throws a straight ahead bird, plus or minus up to 10 degrees according to the scheme in use. The targets are thrown in random order but programmed so that in a round of 25 each shooter will have shot at all five traps from each shooting position, making it fair to all.